Residential Services

Remodeling:  It might just be that its time to modernize your home or business, or maybe it no longer fits the needs of your growing family.  With any change in the structure or function, the electrical needs will also change.  New appliances, computers, home theaters or functions of a room bring new power requirements.  Jedi Enterprises can meet the electrical needs of your remodeling project, and also address modern conveniences and safety needs.  Remember, you will be living with the people you hire to do the work so make sure you feel comfortable with who you hire.

Additions:  If you like your home’s location but need more room you may consider an addition to you existing home.  An addition adds more space but also requires new power considerations.  Your home’s main power system may have to be expanded to accommodate your new needs.  This is also a good time to upgrade your lighting and prepare your new space for modern uses.  Most additions also involve some form of remodeling when the new and old parts of the home are incorporated together.  There will always be wiring that needs to be relocated and upgraded to accommodate this.

Historic:  Historic homes and business have modern power requirements but have much more specific requirements as to where wiring, lighting and devices can be installed.  If the building is in a historic district it may also be subject to committee approval for all electrical installations.  Jedi Enterprises has worked in many such buildings including one that still has a hole in a door from a Revolutionary era British musket ball!

New Construction:  New construction would be considered a project that was starting with a clean slate.  The only limitations would be budget constraints and imagination!  Every new project has 2 things to consider:  what do we need and want in the current project and how can I prepare for any future needs?  For example, if you plan to add an outdoor hot tub in the future you would want to prepare a service that would have sufficient amperage to handle the future need.

Emergency Service:  We keep emergency electrical needs as a priority.  Fire hazards, loss of essential power, water pump power, and power to heating systems are all be addressed as soon as possible.  Jedi Enterprises keeps a large inventory of parts and devices in order to handle most emergencies quickly.

Troubleshooting:  Sometimes a power problem is not straightforward.  Power comes on and off with no apparent reason.  Things stop working, animals chew wires, and lights blink on and off.  All of these can be frustrating and potentially dangerous.  Jedi Enterprises has years of trouble shooting skills experience and modern test equipment to solve the problem.  The strangest one was a kitchen ceiling light that came on when the stovetop burner was turned on. It turned out to be a back feeding issue due to one blown main fuse!