How did you come up with the name Jedi?

During the summer of 1983 we were working at a beach house and jumped off the railing into a sand dune below.  We startled the general contractor and he looked up and said “if it isn’t the Jedi Electricians” I looked at him and said, “I like that. When I start my own business that is what I will call it.”

How did you get into electrical work?

I started working with Mitchell Electric in college as a way to pay my bills.  I had no plan to stay with it after graduation.  After graduation I took a job in the corporate world with Osco Drug Company.  My stint in the corperate world lasted 8 days. I quit and went back to work for Mitchell Electrical.

Why do I still due electrical work?

My family likes to eat and I have not found a good paying sponsor to pay me to race my unicycle!

How to get in touch with Jedi Enterprises?

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